So true. Quote: System of work is much more important than goals. Goals are limited in time. System has its infinite future and are built for varieties of future. At the end of the day incremental approach always win.


So little is needed for a great creativity! Just have a good sleep for few days and personal space. In Thailand ideas are just jumping out of my head! ;)


False careers - in reality we do everything but what we really aspire and desire. And make a great progress with this "escaping". This is slow traiting of ourselves. Stop it now!


This is hard, this is damn interesting! - the must-have attitude for talented people. If somebody will learn how to inject it into ordinary people's brains, he will rule the outstanding team!


"If you know how the mousetrap works, you can make a good stunt of it!" (C) Stanley Kubrik


To Vasiliy Shmirev: an art without a "consumer" is just a form of artists neurosis. Find your audience.


Abstract thinking is easier than detail-oriented. That is why smart people are always very detail, and dumb ones - are in their general "ideas". Made my day.


<p>About how rules to be executed - you will porbably fail with serious change, if you will go for "adjustments" for one or another stakeholders and make "everybody/somebody please". This is the best way to (a) become a complicit, when you will be asked 2nd time "make this tweak for me, you've did it once already" (b) loose track of bilateral agreements and make 2 or more party unhappy with the final result!</p> <p>Takeaway: rules should be simple and <b>strictly</b> enforced on all. Then it will be (a) scalable for a large organizations (b) highly respected by all stakeholders - you will be treated like Switzerland in the war-torn Europe.</p>


(Philosophical mood) True strength and robustness of yourself comes when you do what you <b>really</b> want. Important, that it there are nobody knows that better than you. Know it and that will be your inner engine!


If you want to help somewone relative - give her money. No need to "care" about the person or take him to your organization. No free rigders in business (or life). Beware, such people make you sink with their incopetence and inability to make highest achievements..


There are less and less true proffesionals around the world. Too much marketing, too much "selfpromotion". These people are really backbone and true keepers of the world. "Turning Pro" book by Pressfield is really worth reading!


"We should less care about what people say, and more - about ideas" - Mary Cury